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Daniel Ionita (YAK SHAVER)

Daniel Ionita (YAK SHAVER)

  • I have trekked with Santaman on the last 9 out of my 11 treks. He’s tops both professionally and and as human being in general. Appart from his knowledge and skills as a guide (and organiser too, being able to organise your accomodation, local transport, other logistics, etc), Santaman is an excellent trekking companion, intuitive, yet not intrusive. Even though I am going to the Annapurna region for the 4 time, and know the place fairly well, I find it rewarding to have him on trek with me. He is very knowledgeable about Nepali culture & religions, including old animist Bon stuff…, politics, world events. I have witnessed him having to make safety decisions under pressure (my son got sudden altitude sickness on a trek when he was 10 years old, and it was already dark when Santaman run for more than an hour downhill with him to save his life…).

    Santaman treats his porters very well. In his teen years he has been a high-altitude porter (on some Everest expeditions and other high peaks). Presently he works with Rame and others making coopeartive team, (I have trekked with them too, also an excellent guides) whom he grooms as his junior partner. Rame and others have already guided a number of treks by themselves.

    ” ……Presently he works with Rame and others, forming a good coopeartive team. I have trekked with the other team memmbers too, they are also an excellent guides. Santaman grooms Rame and others as his junior partners. All members of the team have already guided a number of treks by themselves. I recommend them without reservations. Feel free to email me if you need more details.”

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