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Festivals in Tibet

Festivals in Tibet

  • It would be a great experience to travel to Tibet during some festival . Major Tibetan festival and their dates for these are given below . These dates are fixed based on Lunar calendar . Check with us for the actual dates with us before planning your trip .

    Tibetan New Year (March 03)

    This is the day to wear best dress and eat nice food and day for the families to unite. On the New Year’s Day, families unite, an “auspicious dipper” is offered and people greet each others with the words “tashi delek” .

    Saga Dawa Festival (June 14) People believe that Gods descend from heaven to earth this day. People celebrate burning incenses , going picknicking and special celebrations and dances on the monasteries.

    Horse Racing Festival in Gyantse (20 to 27 July)

    Horse racing and archery have always been popular in Tibet and the Horse racing festival in Gyantse is one of the most popular festival that started from as early as 1408 AD .Besides horse racing the festival also includes archery and shooting , days of entertainment and picnicking, ball games, track and field events, folk songs and dances, and local markets with barter trade.

    Ganden Festival

    This falls on the 15th day of the 6th Tibetan month and celebrated in the Ganden monastery. Several precious articles belonging to Ganden monastery, which are normally not seen by the public in other days are displayed in the main shrine hall. These articles consist of things like images of the sixteen arhats, akshobhya, the secret assembly, the four great kings, the upasaka and hashang images.

    Harvest Festival in September. The farmers in Lhasa, Gyantse and Shangnan celebrate their bumper harvest on this festival . Usual activities include horse racing and archery, traditional dances and songs, drinking and picknicking .

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