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About Company

About Company

  • Namaste!! Phyafulla.

    And Warm Greetings from the land of Shangri-La, the Himalayan state of Nepal.

    Working as an Employed Company Guide for 6 years and independent Trek and Tour Guide for extra 7 years, Nepal Trek Guide Service Pvt. Ltd was launched in 2007 by our long experience in Himalayan adventure Mountain Tourism. Since its establish date we are providing a unique adventure Trekking, Mountaineering and expedition service in Nepal and Tibet Himalaya,

    Now Nepal Trek Guide Service Pvt. Ltd became the main centre with the group of experienced guides and mountaineers with over 20 years’ experience in the adventure travel industry, Those who are looking for a Guide or Porter Guide for Trekking in Nepal and Tibet, Nepal Trek Guide Service Pvt. Ltd is the centre where you can easily find Professional and knowledgeable Guides for your Trekking, Peak Climbing or Expeditions. We offer a range of exciting outdoor activities in Nepal & Tibet Himalayas – from trekking and mountaineering expeditions to rafting, mountain biking, wildlife safaris and Tibet overland tours. As well as outdoor adventures, we also offer cultural, pilgrimage and heli tours and can design a tailor-make any itinerary to best suit your interests in any region of the Himalayas, be it Nepal, Bhutan or Tibet.

    We are keen promoters of responsible tourism and all our trips are guided by knowledgeable, experienced and professional guides for who your safety and enjoyment is of prime importance.

    We pride ourselves on the professional relationships we have built up over many years spent working in Nepal’s Mountain tourism industry; and our established expertise liaising with tourism and government officials, outfitters and agents means that clients can look forward to a hassle-free and pleasant holiday.

    We are always proud of our clients those who continued support in promoting the Nepal adventure through our website, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude of thanks. We are confident that these traditional bonds of friendship will always remain firm and steadfast. And to the newcomers, we would like to welcome you to our way of exploring the real Nepal and would encourage you to contact us with your questions. We are equally confident that new bonds of friendship will soon be established. We are grateful for the valuable compliments and testimonial_detail that have received from our valuable past trekkers we have had the pleasure to share in their Nepal adventure. We are proud of our past achievements in having helped our clients enjoy our beautiful country with its unique cultures.

    We want you to enjoy the Himalayas as much as we do and devote our energies into achieving that aim. Join us



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