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School Buildings for Lower Langtang

School Buildings for Lower Langtang

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    Although the Government has permitted to open schools in most of the every villages in Lower Langtang region’s villages of Nuwakot District of Nepal is suffering from poor school infrastructures such as school buildings, poor class room, poor outer environment, Libraries, Books and stationary, lack of qualified Teachers and reasonable budget from the Government. The region is major  residence of backward community of Tamang and other ethnic group with minor non ethnic communities. The backward communities live in hilly region and facilities are simply closed, such as productive land, irrigation, safe drinking water, road, simple health posts and socioeconomic activities. The number of big population are in upper hilly area and productive land in below valley area are occupied by few number of people and community those who are untold migrant of Kathmandu city. So in order to enhance the quality of life for the backward Tamang people in those villages, I found education is the main gateway, observing dozens of problem in education sector I have simply started to help preparing good environment for the schools like building complete school buildings, library, providing computers and stationary, scholarship for the poor and talent students. By the language problem between our children and Teachers we have started to employ at least a Primary teacher in every school from their own community and language who has received the Primary Teacher level degree from the colleges. We myself and most of our Team workers of Nepal Trek Guide Service Pvt Ltd are also the residence of this region, remembering our past difficulties in getting education, we felt we also take a little responsibility to provide the better education in the area with the cooperation from District Education office, Government of Nepal, Several projects are complete and some are on going.The   fund collects from our work, donations from our clients and (the donor who wish to donate direct to the related area without through NGO and INGOS) and from District Education office.

    Our Previous projects.

    Pancha Kanya Primary School inauguration.




    The school was opened officially on 2 January 2008 (2064 BS). There are two buildings, plastered and painted white, one with three and one with two classrooms, with blackboards and rows of benches for the students. So far, from start to finish, the costs of the project have been $10,400; some extra money has been contributed by the Nuwakot District Education Office. The work started in February 2007 and was completed by January 2008.

    What’s Next?

    The project is not yet finished. There is more to do to finish this stage (furniture, strengthening the buildings, playground, toilets) and we’ve started planning for the next stage, which is an important development: extending the school to the status of Lower Primary. This means covering Grades 1-7, instead of 1-5 as we do today.

    Planned building works are:

    • Surrounding the buildings and playground with metal fence and pillars ($2000)
    • Construction of an iron gate with concrete foundation and pillars ($700)
    • Construction of 1 two-room (8’x8′) toilet building ($3000)
    • Construction of an extra building with three 13’x13′ rooms ($7500)

    There is a need for lots of furniture for the school:

    • Fixed wall cupboards in rooms (1/room)
    • Teacher’s desks with locking drawers and chairs (1/room – 7)
    • Cupboards (2), chairs (7) and shelves for the school office (2)
    • Large table for the school office
    • Extra benches and blackboards for 3 new classrooms

    We have estimated the furniture costs to be around $7000 (due to sparsity of local materials), but may be able to reduce this amount. The transport costs are estimated at ~$800. The sum total projected is ~$21000. We have already raised almost $2000 of this amount.

    Teacher training:

    We also would like to conduct some teacher training. Some of it is provided free of charge in Kathmandu; only the teacher’s room and board needs to be covered (cheap, TBC). However, the training resources are meager and any volunteers from the West are more than welcome to help in this area.

    We presently have 5 teachers in the primary school, 4 have been provided by the government and 1 (intermediate Tamang/Nepali) is paid for by a sponsor. Lower Secondary school will have one extra government-paid teacher and we’ll also need one more intermediate teacher ($150/month). There are ~165 children attending the Pancha Kanya Primary School today, we expect closer to 300 for the Lower Secondary School.

    Performance Evaluation

    We would like to evaluate the school performance and the following has been proposed:

    • Passing students count (available in April)
    • Reports from secondary schools where students go after this school
    • School report from the district education office

    Santaman intends to conduct regular parent encouragement/adult education sessions in the village.

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