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  • What kind of school are we building?

    About the school

    The school will be called “Pancha Kanya Primary School.” It will be a primary school, though we hope also to teach some secondary level classes there. There will be about 250 children enrolled; the total population of Kaaule is 900, the majority of IMG_4643-custom-rot-270-crop-0.41-0.13-1-0.87-size-601-400whom are of Tamang ethnicity. The school will be a concrete building, with five classrooms and a teacher’s room. The teachers will be partly provided for by the government and partly hired by the village itself.

    Getting there

    To get to Kaaule, there are 110 km of road to the north of Kathmandu until Saatbise. Then there is a three hour climb to reach the village: Bagmati Zone, Nuwakot District, Sundara Devi Village Development Committee Ward No. 8, Kaaule Nepal.

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