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  • Welcome to Nepal – a perfect destination for multiple holiday opportunities. Nepal covers a narrow ruggedly rectangular strip at the foothills of the Himalayas in the South Asia. However, the landlocked country which covers a tiny 0.01% of the world area and 0.1% of the Asian continent, boasts a kaleidoscope of geographical, cultural, and biodiversity variations.

    The country is home to not only the humbling Mt. Everest, but more than thousands of snow peaks of the Himalayan range. The amazing variation in the land elevation within a breadth of 150 kms offers a habitat ranging from tropical dense forests to Alpine Himalayan highlands. The country’s typical position in the geographical landscape also makes it an important cultural and ethnic meeting point. The homeland of the Buddha and the elusive Hindu & Buddhist sages, Nepal is also a spiritual retreat for the people of almost all major religions and cultures in the world.

    Furthermore, the unbelievable economic affordability and more than 50 years of experience of welcoming foreigners has created an environment in Nepal where the tourists are not outsiders but an integral part of Nepalese lifestyle.

    Fast facts
    Location: South Asia, China’s Tibet in the north, and India in the South, East and West
    Geography: 70% Mountainous, 15% Flat Land Terai, 15% Himalayas (approx)
    Sea Port: None, Landlocked by India and China
    Area: 147, 181 Sq Kms
    Population: 27 million (2007 estimate)
    People: More than 60 ethnic groups with more than 70 spoken languages
    Political System: A Multi-Party Republic since 2008

    Nepal is a landlocked country with India in the southern, eastern, western sides and China in the northern side. Nepal has a great variation in languages (70 spoken), religions, ethnic groups (more than 61), geographic structures, occupation, culture and traditions – but a strong unity among these variations. Here, we truly find unity in diversity.


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